We serve to please Allah, We Create Build Develop Connections

We offer a platform where amazing muslim parents and their children both can communicate freely. We also offer a healthy option to the community and services for your needs

Our Mission

Nikah Helpline is a non-business entity. A legal set up; organized, and operated for a collective, public and social benefit.

Our Goal

To provide the best possible choices to the community, according to culture, religion and health benefits, and also to support the arrangement and marriages of orphans, disabled and underprivileged.

Why Us

Our sole purpose is to please Allah. We are volunteers and serving you to please Allah.


How It All Started

It all started several years back on my weekly visit to local mosque for Friday prayer

During this visit I saw that the community is in need of a platform where parents and their children can meet with each other in a best possible way, and that was the origin of Nikah Helpline.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of volunteers. All our combined efforts are to serve the community. We do our work with passion, care and love.

Mrs. S.G
She has been doing matrimonial volunteer work for 15 years. Initially started to help out her local community and have branched out internationally. She wanted to help fellow Muslims find other Muslims, especially in communities where Muslims are scarce. The work she does here is fi sabillilah, and we hope Allah can enable her to help you in your path towards marriage. Ameen.