Frequently Asked Questions

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How WhatsApp members of Muslim Nikah Helpline can login?

We included the email addresses of all existing members of Muslim Nikah Helpline in the website system. Group members of Muslim Wedding Bells please enter your email address and go with the FORGOT PASSWORD option. You will get a temporary password in your e-mail. Use that to enter into the account and then create your own password.

what to do after log In?

Please complete your bio-data and remove any mistakes. Upload your photographs and select the display or hide options.

The site became static and freezes?

Please refresh the site after each entry so it will be updated otherwise it will be static and your information will not be saved.

Are there any fees for the WhatsApp group members?

All are included free. All have access to see the contact information.

How non-WhatsApp group members can enter the group?

After the announcement of inclusion of non- WhatsApp group members people can join, register themselves and complete the bio-data form. Please wait for the approval after submitting the bio-data form. When your form will be approved, you can get access to the contacts of all bio-data after submitting the fees.

What are the fees of this group?

Per year fees is $35.

What is a token system?

You can get access to the contact information of 5 members/ day or 50 members a year according to your age group. i.e. 25 years old male will get access to 20 to 25 years old female bio-data.